Stress and Your Hormones

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Too much stress?
Stress can be overwhelming.

Stress and your emotional state can alter your hormonal balance. Natural progesterone is known as the calming hormone and may help ease both your mental and physical response to stress. Unfortunately, many women are living with very low levels of progesterone and need to supplement.

Many physical and emotional health conditions are affected by stress including anxiety, depression, weight gain, stroke or heart attacks, and immune problems. Your skin (hives, rashes), digestion and intestinal (GERD, different types of ulcers, irritable bowel) and degenerative neurological disorders could also be affected by continued unchecked stress. Anxiety and stress may also aggravate any other existing condition you may have and may even be their cause.

Kokoro Balance Creme for women may help restore healthy levels and therefore reduce the effects of stress, both mental and physical. It is easily applied to the skin, is absorbed and carried to the blood stream.

For more information on natural progesterone and its benefits please see the following:

Books: The Estrogen Alternative – Raquel Martin or any of the books by Dr. John R. Lee.

Website: – audio lectures for easy listening.

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